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What to Expect During a Dental Exam

Just as routine medical exams are important to the health of the body, routine dental exams are important to the health of the mouth. Dental exams allow the dentist to evaluate all areas of the mouth. Our dentist, Brandon Dr. Del Toro DDS will focus on the teeth and gums but will also check the tongue, cheeks, face, throat, and other areas. During the dental exam, he will check for decay, gum disease, oral cancer, infection, loose teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, and many other possible problems. Once the dental exam is completed Dr. Del Toro will provide each patient with a treatment plan that will help them achieve a healthy smile. A person’s oral health goes beyond just brushing daily. Making sure to have routine cleanings and dental exams is the best way to prevent major dental problems. If a person has regular 6-month cleanings and dental exams, Dr. Del Toro is able to diagnose small issues before they turn into large problems. For example, decay that is caught early can be treated before it turns into a crown or a root canal. Gingivitis that is diagnosed and treated early can be reversed before it progresses into gum disease or periodontal disease. Many people may believe that their AT-HOME oral hygiene is sufficient enough to prevent dental problems. Although at-home oral care is very important to maintaining a healthy smile, seeing the dentist for routine dental exams is also extremely important.

Dental Exams Help Prevent Dental Problems

One of Dr. Del Toros main goals is to prevent dental problems before they occur. This is why he focuses on preventative dentistry. He also works to help each patient understand the importance of caring for their oral health. It’s important for each patient to understand that their at-home habits can affect their oral health. Dr. Del Toro emphasizes to each patient the importance of daily brushing and flossing. He also demonstrates to each patient the correct way to brush and floss making sure each area of the mouth is cleaned thoroughly. Having good at-home hygiene as well as making and keeping scheduled dental exam appointments will help a person keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Who Needs Routine Dental Exams?

Everyone is in need of dental exams, regardless of their age. Having good oral hygiene habits should start at a very young age. Just like adult teeth, baby teeth too are susceptible to decay and cavities. Dr. Del Toro recommends routine dental exams for children as young as 12 months old or after the child’s first tooth comes in. It’s important for a parent to maintain routine dental exams, in order to avoid major dental problems with their child’s teeth.

Insurance Coverage

Many people may avoid seeing the dentist for routine dental exams because they may feel they cannot afford the fees. Having dental insurance can definitely help with the costs but many people cannot afford the insurance premiums. Fortunately, for many people who are eligible, Adult Dental Medicaid can help with the costs. Under Adult Dental Medicaid dental exams are covered. This will help each person who qualifies receive the preventative care they need. For those patients in Paris, Texas, Clarksville, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Commerce, TX, Sherman, TX, and Denison, TX Dr. Del Toro accepts their Adult Dental Medicaid insurance.

Schedule Regular Dental Exams Today!

If you are covered under Adult Dental Medicaid contact Dr. Del Toro and his team today to schedule a dental exam appointment. It’s important to not neglect the teeth and to make routine dental exams a habit. Preventing major dental problems from occurring is key to keeping your teeth for a lifetime. Don’t wait! Call Dr. Del Toro and his team today to schedule an appointment.

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