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Many people put off seeing the dentist and getting dental work done because they are afraid of the cost. If a person has insurance they are more likely to get needed work done. However, not everyone can afford to pay for insurance so they end up not getting the dental care they need.

Fortunately, there are federal and state programs that can help those who can’t afford insurance. This program is called Adult Dental Medicaid, It is insurance set up to help low-income families, certain pregnant women, adults who are disabled and others receive the dental care that they need.


What are dental X-rays and why are they important?


Dental x-rays are important when diagnosing and treating dental problems. Dental x-rays are radiographs or images taken of the teeth and gums. These images allow the dentist to see inside a tooth, the tooth root, the bone around the tooth, and any other areas that can’t be seen during an oral exam.
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What is dental exam and why it is important?


For dental exams, the dentist looks inside the patient’s mouth and uses special instruments to check all areas of the mouth. During this exam, the dentist will check for decay, infection, gum disease, bone loss, mobile teeth, cancer, and many other problems. Once the dental exam is complete the dentist will provide each patient with a plan on how to treat each issue.
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What is tooth removal and when it is needed?


For tooth extraction, an extraction is when the whole tooth is removed from the bone. An extraction may be needed when a person has deep decay that reaches the nerve, has a broken tooth that can’t be restored, or if a tooth is very mobile. In these situations, extracting the tooth is the best treatment option. Extracting the tooth will help remove the dental problem along with any discomfort, decay, or infection.
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