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Why does A Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

Dr. Brandon Del Toro, DDS, and his team work to make sure each patient maintains a healthy, beautiful smile. Their goal is to ensure,

Every patient keeps their natural teeth for a lifetime. It is why Dr. Del Toro focuses on preventing major dental problems. He stresses the importance of good at-home oral hygiene, routine dental exams, dental x-rays, and cleanings.

Caring for the teeth every day can help keep them healthy and strong. However, a tooth can become diseased beyond repair. It can happen with deep decay, gum disease, bone loss, trauma, or many other reasons. When a tooth is beyond repair, it can become infected and cause damage to other teeth, gums, or even a person’s overall health. When this occurs, the best treatment option is to extract the tooth.

Sometimes teeth that aren’t damaged may also need to be removed. The wisdom teeth in the third molars are the last to come into the mouth. Sometimes there isn’t enough room for these teeth, and they push against the other teeth. It causes the teeth to shift and overlap, causing crowding. Sometimes the wisdom teeth get trapped or impacted under the back teeth and cannot move into place. Impacted wisdom teeth, to avoid affecting a person’s bite or causing damage to other teeth, must be extracted.

Simple Extraction VS Surgical Extraction

A simple extraction is when teeth above the gumline are removed. A surgical extraction is required for teeth that are below the gumline. Surgical extractions require additional surgical steps to remove the tooth. Usually, bone and tissue must be safely removed in order to access the impacted tooth and remove it. Dr. Del Toro and his team offer both surgical and simple extractions.

Sedation Options

When a person needs an extraction Dr. Del Toro makes sure they know what to expect to avoid the fear of the unknown. He works to provide for each patient a stress-free environment. To do this he provides different sedation options for a patient to choose from. Some of the sedation options he provides include oral sedation (pill form), inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide) and IV sedation. All these sedation options are used to calm and relax the patient before the extraction.

Recovery and Healing

After an extraction it will take at least two weeks for the area to heal. Healing can vary from person to person and can vary depending on what type of extraction was needed. Surgical extractions can require a longer period of time to heal. Also older patients and patients that smoke may not heal as quickly as younger and non smoking patients. Dr. Del Toro instructs each patient to avoid spitting, rinsing out their mouth, smoking, doing vigorous activities, and drinking through a straw. This is done to avoid disrupting the blood clot that will form in the socket. The blood clot is needed to help the area properly heal.

Insurance Coverage

Under most insurance policies, dental extractions are covered. However, many people do not have insurance and won’t seek needed treatment because they can’t afford the dental fees. Dr. Del Toro sees patients who are covered under Adult Dental Medicaid. This insurance is provided for low income families, certain pregnant women, adults who are disabled and others who qualify.

Under Adult Dental Medicaid extractions are covered along with dental exams and dental x-rays. Sedation and other treatment options are not covered under Adult Dental Medicaid. This is why each person covered under Adult Dental Medicaid should understand what their insurance covers to avoid out of pocket expenses. Dr. Del Toro accepts Adult Dental Medicaid for patients living in the Paris, Texas, Clarksville, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Mt Pleasant, TX, Commerce, TX, Sherman, TX and Denison, TX area. If you are in need of an extraction contact Dr. Del Toro today to schedule an appointment.

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